Last updated: 23:00 / Wednesday, 20 April 2016
DoubleLine, sub-manager

Nordea Asset Management Expands its Active U.S. Fixed Income Offering with U.S Core Plus Bond Fund

Nordea Asset Management Expands its Active U.S. Fixed Income Offering with U.S Core Plus Bond Fund

Nordea Asset Management (NAM) announces that it has launched on April 4, 2016 the Nordea 1 – US Core Plus Bond Fund, provides investors active, diversified investment across the different sectors of the U.S. bond market. The investment objective of the Fund is to maximise total return over a full market cycle through income generation and price appreciation.

DoubleLine Capital LP (DoubleLine) is the sub-manager of the Fund. With this new offering, NAM broadens its partnership with DoubleLine, which as the sub-manager has provided investment services to the Nordea 1 – US Total Return Fund since its launch in 2012.

While the core of the portfolio consists of Investment-Grade U.S. debt instruments (covered by the Barclays Capital U.S. Aggregate Index), the “Plus” in the Fund name indicates that the investment universe expands beyond the traditional benchmark sectors to areas such as High Yield, USD-denominated Emerging Market Debt and non-Agency mortgage-backed securities.

“The design and flexibility of the Fund allows it to take advantage of areas of the market which DoubleLine believes offer attractive risk-adjusted return opportunities,” says Christophe Girondel, Global Head of Institutional and Wholesale Distribution. “We believe that the Fund forms an important addition to our current range of U.S. Fixed Income solutions, one of the major asset classes in any well diversified portfolio,” he adds.

The launch fully leverages Nordea’s multi-boutique approach and capabilities. This new fund complements the existing U.S. Fixed Income range of the Luxembourg-domiciled Nordea 1 SICAV, currently comprising a Low Duration US High Yield Bond fund, a US Corporate Bond fund, a US High Yield Bond fund, a North American High Yield Bond fund and a US Total Return Bond fund.

DoubleLine is an independent, employee-owned money management firm based in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Led by Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer Jeffrey Gundlach, the firm is widely recognised for its expertise and strong track record in active fixed income management. DoubleLine has been managing a similar strategy to the Nordea 1-US Core Plus Bond Fund since 2010.

DoubleLine’s investment philosophy is to build portfolios designed to outperform under a range of market scenarios by shunning away from unidirectional bets. The Fund achieves this through top-down active management of exposure to specific market segments combined with bottom-up security selection.