Last updated: 13:18 / Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Natixis Global Asset Management Launches New Singapore-Based Expertise Dedicated to Emerging Markets

Natixis Global Asset Management Launches New Singapore-Based Expertise Dedicated to Emerging Markets

Natixis Global Asset Management has launched Emerise, a new stock picker Singapore-based expertise dedicated to emerging markets. The firm manages a range of emerging markets equity funds to offer investment solutions that combine long-term growth and portfolio diversification.

The potential of emerging markets remains underestimated by investors: emerging economies represent more than 50% of global GDP, while their market capitalization only accounts for 10%. Furthermore, positive long-term prospects make these markets particularly attractive, both in terms of growth potential and portfolio diversification.

“To meet investors’ long-term expectations, we believe it’s crucial to focus on the original principles of emerging markets investing: growth and diversification,” said Stéphane Mauppin-Higashino, Managing Director of Emerise.

Identifying emerging small & mid cap companies with high growth potential

Based in Singapore and Paris, Emerise relies on local teams and research. Its offering covers all emerging regions - Europe, Asia and Latin America - as well as all market capitalisations, from large caps to small & mid caps. The firm employs an innovative and original index: the MSCI Emerging Markets Investable Market Index – IMI.

Convinced that small & mid cap stocks with strong growth prospects can provide superior returns to other corporate categories, Emerise aims to include such high value-added stocks in all of its portfolios, with the conviction that small & mid cap companies represent the true emerging corporate world.

Offering the upside potential of growth stocks over the long term

As a stock picker, Emerise selects growth stocks combining three key fundamentals: stable earnings growth, solid economic fundamentals and clear competitive edge with high value-added. On-the-ground research and in-depth knowledge of companies’ management teams form the core of its investment philosophy.

Emerise’s fund managers make almost 1,500 company visits every year, analyse approximately 300 companies in depth, and constantly monitor close to 100 of these companies. With an approach combining bottom-up research and a rigorous selection of growth companies, the funds managed by Emerise hold 50 to 70 stocks on average. The portfolios are concentrated to provide investors with the best of the emerging world over the long term. Emerise has four areas of equity expertise: Global emerging, Asia, Emerging Europe, and Latin America.

Emerise’s fund range is distributed via Natixis Global Asset Management's global distribution platform and is designed for all types of investors, both professional (institutional investors, companies, multimanagers, private banks, IFA5 and banking networks) and non-professional.