Last updated: 09:22 / Monday, 26 April 2021
Launches "KKR 40 for 40"

KKR Celebrates 40 Years

KKR Celebrates 40 Years
  • From 120 thousand dollars to 120 billion in Assets Under Management
  • #KKR40for40 gives employees 40 hours of paid time to volunteer and give back to the organizations in their communities
  • KKR employees have $12.3 billion invested in or committed to their own funds and portfolio companies

KKR celebrates its forty year anniversary with the launch of  a new employee volunteer program called "KKR 40 for 40." 

Henry Kravis and George Roberts, Co-Chairmen and Co-Chief Executive Officers of KKR, stated: "When we started this firm 40 years ago with three people and $120,000, our vision was to create a firm with a culture that rewarded collaboration and teamwork. Today that $120,000 is over $120 billion. We are more than 1,200 people strong and, with the support of our employees, we have been successful in creating that culture. We are proud of our evolution from a boutique U.S.-focused private equity firm to a global investment firm. Today we have multiple types of capital, allowing us to invest behind any idea, anywhere in the world. We have investors who trust us to find those ideas, and we are investing in themes that are solving some of the world's most pressing challenges. And, most importantly, our work is supporting the goals of our many investors and their beneficiaries."

KKR 40 for 40, or #KKR40for40, is a new employee benefit where KKR employees receive 40 hours of paid time to volunteer and give back to the organizations in their communities. Time is flexible and designed to allow employees to engage in meaningful ways for them and the nonprofits they care about.

"Because so much has been given to us over the years, we have decided that the best way to commemorate our entry into our fifth decade is to give back. Over the years, KKR employees have devoted thousands of hours of private time to non-profits and community causes. This work is just as important as the other kinds of work we do. During this year of our anniversary celebration, we hope our employees will take the time to give back to others in the same spirit of partnership, teamwork and excellence that has built this firm," Kravis and Roberts said.

In honor of the firm's anniversary, KKR also launched a letter, a video, and other related materials. In the letter, the firm notes that as of December 31, 2015, "we and our employees and other personnel have approximately $12.3 billion invested in or committed to our own funds and portfolio companies, and every single employee also owns our public equity. In short, we invest like owners... because we are owners." Both Kravis and Roberts remain optimistic about the future.

You can read the letter and watch the video in the following link.