Last updated: 12:53 / Thursday, 30 May 2013
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J.P. Morgan Launches Insights App For Advisors and Their Clients

J.P. Morgan Launches Insights App For Advisors and Their Clients

J.P. Morgan Asset Management has launched a new iPad app, "providing a revolutionary tool that will equip advisors to have in-depth, knowledgeable conversations about a broad range of market topics, and to share this information with clients in a customizable, interactive format", said the bank in a statement. 

The J.P. Morgan Insights app, which can be downloaded for free from the app store, is an extension of the firm's popular Market Insights program and Guide to the Markets, a collection of comprehensive market insights distributed in print to more than 90,000 advisors nationwide every quarter. 

"Advisors rely on our Market Insights content to help clients make sense of market events.  This information helps them cut through the headlines and extreme opinions of the day and make decisions based on facts, not emotions," said Marlene DeLuca , Head of Global Insights at J.P. Morgan Asset Management.  "Providing direct access to this content through the Insights app will provide a greater degree of immediacy, flexibility and customization than was previously available." 

Unique features include:

Ability to customize and share:

  • Select and "favorite" certain charts from the Guide to the Markets based on topics of interest and create custom presentations that they can share with clients to enhance their investment dialogue
  • Choose from related video, podcast and other multimedia insight pieces to insert into custom folders

Strategist commentary:

  • Each of more than 60 slides from the Guide is accompanied by talking points and custom audio commentary from one of our team of Global Markets strategists to fully explain the concept
  • Allows advisors to include commentary from David Kelly and his team in client meetings

Timely insights:

  • App is automatically updated when new content is released
  • Items saved in folders are updated as new data is available
  • New market recaps, podcasts and economic data added weekly
  • "Featured Insights" reflect our latest thinking on market developments and opportunities

With the J.P. Morgan Insights app, advisors can access helpful market data to help explain a range of market topics, including global equity markets, correlations and volatility; diversified sources of income; interest rates and inflation; Federal Reserve policies and actions; Global Monetary policy; and, a broad range of economic, investment and asset class questions.