Last updated: 12:25 / Monday, 10 June 2013
According to Erick Morales

“It is the right time for Mexican investment managers to implement GIPS”

“It is the right time for Mexican investment managers to implement GIPS”

Erick Morales, the Senior Financial Risk Manager at KPMG Mexico, talked to Funds Society about the benefits of the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), as well as his vision for the Latin American market and why now is the right time to adopt the standards in Mexico.

Morales will be giving a seminar on GIPS, organized by Riskmathics, at the Sheraton Maria Isabel de la Ciudad de Mexico Hotel on June 13. He stated that the benefits of the implementation would include “continued transparency of client information regarding yields, and maintaining a uniform structure of strategy presentation amongst investment managers”.

The director mentioned that in the more mature countries, after more than 15 years of global implementation of GIPS, “investors themselves avoid entrusting managers without the standard”. Furthermore, he said that he hoped the Latin American region would follow the same line, because reliance on the CFA Institute endorsed standards can give investment managers a competitive edge.

As for the Mexican repercussions of the FATCA initiative of the United States IRS, Morales said that it would not affect the majority of investment managers complying with the national regulations and seeking to adopt GIPS, “because the Mexican entities’ efforts to comply with the regulations have been good.” He further stated, “The GIPS standards even allow foreign investors to seek alternative options in the region and to become more transparent with regard to other regulations”.

Morales believes this is the right time to adhere to the standards, taking advantage of the fact that the adjustments required – to comply with new regulations like the ones concerning sales practices or investment services – are oriented towards the same goal.

Finally, Morales emphasized that the GIPS seminar organized by Riskmathics will help institutions seeking to apply the standards to understand their foundations, to create portfolios and compliance presentations, including the methods required for yield calculation.

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