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ITA International Insurer

Investors Trust Opens Insurer in Puerto Rico

Investors Trust opens insurer in Puerto Rico
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  • They have also established an International Financial Entity
  • It is called ITA International Financial Service
By Funds Society, Miami

Investors Trust welcomes ITA International Insurer, the most recent member of its group. International Insurer is an insurance company in Puerto Rico, a jurisdiction that the firm considers ideal for insurers and reinsurers in Latin America, Europe and other international markets.

"As a United States Commonwealth, Puerto Rico’s free market economy is subject to both federal and state regulations designed to protect free market-competition; specifically, but not limited to, the insurance and banking industries. This position further stabilizes Puerto Rico as an attractive domicile for international insurance business and provides legal peace of mind for companies and individuals." said the company in a statement.

Investors Trust has also established an International Financial Entity (IFE) in Puerto Rico to consolidate all banking and custody transactions for the group of insurance companies, ITA International Financial Services Corporation.

"The need for greater diversity and new jurisdictions has led Investors Trust to reposition itself as a multi-jurisdictional insurance group. With the establishment of ITA International Insurer in Puerto Rico, clients now have more options to choose a plan based on their specific needs and preferences." said the company that anticipates further growth in 2019 to support their multijurisdictional structure.



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