Last updated: 11:18 / Thursday, 6 August 2015
Luxembourg SICAV-SIF

GGM Capital Launches GGM Multistrategy, an IT-Centric Alternative Fund

GGM Capital Launches GGM Multistrategy, an IT-Centric Alternative Fund

GGM Capital, the investment banking IT focused boutique, is launching its new Technology-centric, open-ended fund under the umbrella of a Luxembourg SICAV-SIF. This new fund will have a target size above €50.0m and will invest in a diversified portfolio of equities, private equity/venture capital funds and corporate debt.

The objective is to achieve strong capital appreciation by investing in a diversified set of asset classes with various maturity levels, yields and risk profiles.

The asset allocation is outlined as follows: the equity portfolio, representing a majority of the invested assets at all times, will be composed of equities of technology companies listed in key financial markets such as NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE, Euronext and Xetra. For this purpose, GGM Capital will leverage on its extensive proprietary trading experience and in particular its strong track record developing successful intraday trading and short term swing strategies.

GGM Multistrategy will invest a smaller part of its assets under management in less liquid instruments, be it either investment funds or corporate debt, with generally a hold to maturity strategy. The objective of this part of the portfolio is to provide foreseeable returns with are not correlated with the equity portion of the portfolio.

GGM Capital will leverage of the combined 40+ years experience in capital markets of David Moix, Gabriel Padilla and Guillermo G. Morales as well as its positive track record achieved by GGM Capital managing venture capital investments in the technology space.

Guillermo G. Morales Lopez, Executive Chairman of GGM Capital said: “I’m excited to offer our investors a new innovative instrument leveraging on our experience and track record. We had been working hard in building up this amazing strategy during the last years and now we are pleased to offer this one of a kind investment opportunity to the market”.

Gabriel Padilla, Partner of GGM Capital added: “Our investors have asked us to develop an open-ended, diversified product to deepen their investment relationship with us. I believe we now have the right product for this purpose.”