Last updated: 09:11 / Friday, 20 May 2016
Two Funds in Luxembourg

Gesconsult's Most Emblematic Strategies Make the Jump to the International Stage

Gesconsult's Most Emblematic Strategies Make the Jump to the International Stage

Gesconsult has announced the launch of two of its star funds: Gesconsult Renta Fija Flexible and Gesconsult Renta Variable, in the Luxembourg market. This venture is a significant step towards the internationalization of the independent Spanish Asset Management firm specializing in flexible active management in both Spain and Europe.

In this way, Gesconsult aims to continue its growth outside of its home territory. With the approval of the Luxemburg regulators, as of now, these investment strategies are already available for sale not only to national clients but also to international clients.

Juan Lladó, president of Gesconsult, emphasizes that,“we are very proud to announce the leap into Luxembourg and in this way, take our business beyond our borders. Starting now, our strategies are available not only to any investor who does business in Spain, but also to international clients, who had shown interest in investing in our strategies of flexible active management in Spain and Europe. Luxembourg is the most efficient point of entry for many international investors so that they can gain access to local specialized asset management firms”.

The asset management firm has established a master-feeder structure (that is to say, principal-subordinate) in which the core funds will be Spanish and the subordinate ones will be Luxembourgish. The subordinate funds will have a specific classto invest in core funds. This structure makes it possible to maintain the historic excellence of the funds’ profitability and to benefit the participants from the very first moment they join this fund, which already has asset under management.

Gensconsult has decided to launch these vehicles in response to the international investor’s appetite and has plans to continue launching more of its investment strategies on an international level.

“We are convinced that an important part of our growth will come from international business, now that investors are starting to look towards Spain and Europe and there are hardly any active fund management firms that are as specialized as ours. We have a lot to contribute to the investor by boosting our presence in the International asset management industry,” concludes Juan Lladó.

Gesconsult flexible active management strategies beat their rates

The most emblematic Spanish equities fund of the fund management firm is the Gesconsult Renta Variable which has beaten the Ibex 35 in the last few years. Managed by the managing director of Gesconsult, Alfonso de Gregorio, it invests at least 75% of the funds’ asset in Spanish stock exchanges, independently of its capitalization and it can invest up to 10% in foreign companies of OECD. They avoid exposure in emerging markets and see opportunities in the medium and small caps sector.The investment has a long-term vision. It has the highest Morningstar 5-star rating and a qualitative bronze rating.

On the other hand, Gesconsult Renta Fija Flexible fund, managed by the deputy managing director of Gesconsult, David Ardura, is a mixed fixed-income fund which reflects the company’s philosophy of flexible active management, which controls risks in volatile market scenarios. One can invest a maximum of 30% in equities, mainly in the Euro Area, which can be adapted to better market conditions. Its portfolio focuses on Spanish assets and European ones when the environment requires it. Its exposure to equity depends on the economic prospects of the market of the team, and can be completely divested whenever the market circumstances demand it. Management is focused on the medium term.