Last updated: 08:41 / Friday, 30 January 2015
According to CNBS

Ficohsa Established as the Largest Bank in Honduras

Ficohsa Established as the Largest Bank in Honduras

After several consecutive years of growth, and following the acquisition of the consumer banking business of Banco Citibank Honduras and Cititarjetas de Honduras, Banco Ficohsa has established itself as the largest in Honduras, and among the 10 most important banks the Central American region. This is confirmed by official figures released by the National Banking and Insurance Commission (CNBS) in December 2014.

The financial institution has grown in several key banking indicators including assets, loans, and net worth, currently occupying the leading position in the country since the end of 2014.

“The results of the CNBS report confirm our position as the leading bank in Honduras,” said Camilo Atala, executive president of Grupo Financiero Ficohsa. “We believe in the region and will continue to explore growth opportunities that will allow us to reinforce our leadership position not only in Honduras, but in all of Central America.”

Ficohsa’s net assets grew 37.9% from December 2013 (USD $2,182 million) to December 2014 (USD $3,011 million), gaining 19.4 % of market share in Honduras. Ficohsa is followed by Banco Atlántida with 18.2% of market share (USD $2,821 million) and Banco Occidente with 13.7% market share (USD $ 2,123). The three Honduran banking institutions combined occupy more than 50% of market share in terms of net assets.

Additionally, Ficohsa occupies the leading position in terms of its loan portfolio, which grew 19.2%, from December 2013 (USD $1,596 million) to December 2014 (USD $1,902 million), granting Ficohsa 18.9% of market share in this area. Banco Atlántida’s loan portfolio reaches USD $1,751 million, followed by BAC with USD $1,348 million.

Ficohsa also leads in home loans, offering 18.3% of home loans in the Honduran market, totaling USD $299 million. It is followed by Banpaís with a current offering of USD $260 million and Davivienda with USD $211 million.

Banco Ficohsa’s net worth represents 21.1% of the entire Honduran financial market, followed by Banco Atlántida with 15.6% of market share and Banco Occidente with 13.6%.