Last updated: 20:45 / Thursday, 20 June 2013
Statement to Funds Society

Donald Trump Jr: “Latin America Has Been and is on Our Radar”

Donald Trump Jr: “Latin America Has Been and is on Our Radar”

Donald Trump Jr, executive vice president of  Trump Organization, made a stopover at Miami on Monday to deliver a lecture as part of the Terrapinn Private Equity World & Real Estate World Latin America Forum, which on Monday and Tuesday gathered more than 300 private equity industry and real estate professionals focused mainly in Latin America or with interests in the region.

Speaking to Funds Society, Trump Jr said that his organization has always had, and continues to have Latin America on its radar and that wherever they have spotted interesting opportunities and wherever investors have sought to take advantage of a luxury brand like theirs, they have closed deals and will continue to do so in the future. “Those interested in Trump understand the premium they pay for a brand like ours,” he stressed.

"México, if not now, later"

As regards Mexico’s specific case and the potential investment opportunities or agreements there, he emphasized that in recent times he has traveled to Mexico about 30 times, it’s a country which he knows very well and which “has wonderful places. If not now, it will be later, "added Donald Trump’s son, who along with his siblings, Ivanka and Erik, works very closely in expanding real estate interests, both in the residential, commercial and golf clubs in the United States and outside of the brand.

Just last February the brands Donald J. Trump Signature Collection (hotels), and Trump Home signed an agreement with P & L Global Networks, which they appointed as the exclusive company to implement and launch new developments in Latin America.

Currently,  the American real estate giant is present in the region in Panama, Puerto Rico and has a residential development in Punta del Este (Uruguay), plus it is engaged in the development of Puerto Maravilha in Rio de Janeiro, one of Brazil ‘s  most ambitious projects and to which the Trump organization lends its brand.

Trump Towers Rio: Realizing the potential of Porto Maravilha”

It was precisely  “Trump Towers Rio: Realizing the potential of Porto Maravilhawhich was the theme of yesterday’s  presentation before a large group of professionals by Trump Jr. and by Stefan Ivanov, CEO of Trump Towers Rio and  CIS of MRP International, co-developers of the project with the company Even.

The project is backed by strong support from Rio’s City Hall and from the Brazilian government, who have committed 4,000 million dollars in works of infrastructure. Amongst them, 4 miles of tunnels, 85 miles of sewerage system, 70 miles of street repaving, 650,000 meters of sidewalks and 32 kilometers of transport system lines from the local airport to the area, to name just a few.

As for the project’s investment opportunity, Ivanov stressed that it is a “unique development in Latin America” and a unique opportunity in the city, which today has only 6% of office space. Ivanov also said that the Brazilian government should give a good boost to projects like this because of the proximity of the celebration of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.