Last updated: 07:32 / Wednesday, 2 June 2021
Investing in Hollywood

Black Tulip Asset Management Democratizes Access to Alternative Investments in the Entertainment Industry with FlexFunds

Black Tulip Asset Management Democratizes Access to Alternative Investments in the Entertainment Industry with FlexFunds

Black Tulip Asset Management, a Miami-based alternative asset management company exclusively focused on advising and structuring exchange-traded products (ETPs) for European capital markets, announces it is launching multiple ETPs with FlexFunds, a globally recognized service provider in asset securitization, allowing access to the entertainment industry.

Technology and a raft of new players in both entertainment production and distribution has forever changed the industry's competitive landscape: Netflix, Apple, Alibaba, Tencent, Google, Hulu and Amazon. Traditional pay TV platforms have been forced to adapt.

The key is to capture the market with proven performers in the production arena, with a demonstrable track record of success and profitability. Rebel Way Entertainment and Empyre Media are good examples of production management teams and film financiers able to repeatedly achieve Internal Rates of Return in excess of 35%.

To address this market need, Black Tulip Asset Management has introduced Black Tulip Rebel Way Entertainment and Black Tulip Empyre Media Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs) arranged by the innovative asset securitization program offered by FlexFunds, which allows access to global investors.

The Black Tulip Empyre Media ETP offers the possibility of investing in a portfolio of three to six A-list Hollywood movies managed by Empyre Capital Management and advised by Empyre Media Ltd., a London-based media content financing and investment firm with over 50 years of experience in entertainment finance. Empyre Media management team has recently invested in 4 films that have generated more than $950 million in box office receipts and been nominated for 14 Academy Awards, four Golden Globes and eight BAFTAS.

The Black Rebel Way Entertainment fund is designed to invest in a slate of at least 10 low budget action and horror movies destined for streaming platforms and in some cases theatrical release. The principals have made over 350 films in this manner in the last four decades and the deal is an example of accessing valuable original content.

Lastly, Black Tulip Asset Management is also working with FlexFunds on a new $100 million content fund for women-empowered film, television and theatre.

Oliver Gilly, Managing Partner at Black Tulip Asset Management LLC, said: "We are delighted to continue working with the FlexFunds team and to be using their innovative securitization platform. The flexibility of FlexFunds' model has allowed the issuance of the first ETP alternative uncorrelated notes to offer streamlined access to proven original content producers in Hollywood's Second Golden Age, while the transparency of ETP securities enables global distribution, both privately and institutionally."

Mario Rivero, FlexFunds' CEO, said: "Through FlexFunds' asset securitization program, we are capable of converting any asset into a listed security, allowing international investors to easily participate in any investment project. Black Tulip's entertainment ETPs are a clear exhibit of how flexible asset securitization can be: from real estate assets to funds that invest in Hollywood movies, or any private equity project. Asset securitization plays a key role in allowing investors to participate in a wide array of opportunities at lower minimum investment levels, thus democratizing access to capital markets."