Last updated: 15:09 / Wednesday, 12 March 2014
Andes Securities SAB and SAFI

Advanced Capital Consolidates Latin American Presence with Peru Acquisition

Advanced Capital Consolidates Latin American Presence with Peru Acquisition

Advanced Capital Securities, a Latin American investment bank capitalizing on regional and international market synergies for its clients, has consolidated its Latin American presence with the acquisition of Andes Securities SAB and Andes Securities SAFI, a longstanding Peruvian brokerage firm and investment fund manager with an impeccable track record and extensive experience in managing investments and securities services in the domestic market.

"This acquisition forms part of our goal to grow as a regional investment company focused on an emerging segment of Latin American companies and institutions, and Peru is important not only for regional integration, but due to its location within the Andean corridor," said Daniel Canel, CEO of Advanced Capital.

With its arrival in Peru, Advanced Capital will bring to the country's banking sector its characteristic investment banking services and specialists who bring their vast experience to help customers make sound decisions. Advanced Capital intends to consolidate its current business model, grow within the national market and introduce new financial solutions from Advanced Capital offices throughout the region.

The Peruvian Experience

Andes Securities SAB (now Andes Advanced Securities SAB) boasts a 13-year tradition of offering sound financial services in Peru, with a portfolio of more than 2,000 clients that includes individual investors as well as legal and institutional clients.

For Jacobo Said, Andes Advanced Securities founding partner and CEO, "this integration serves as an opportunity to increase the availability of Andes Securities services as well as the quality of its services through Advanced Capital, and the company's executives, with their extensive experience and knowledge, will bring expertise to the market".

He ensures that Peru's capital market has impressive growth rates compared to its neighbors;"Peru plays an important role in the region, which raises business expectations and allows for a more advanced distribution network. The country should become a foreign exchange hub, and macroeconomic policies improving the country's capital markets should guarantee Peru's position as an important player in the region's capital markets," Said added.

Andes Advanced Securities SAB will offer services including equity and fixed-income services for both institutional and individual clients, manage investment funds through Andes SAFI and underwrite, structure and distribute debt and equity in the country's capital markets.