Last updated: 01:10 / Thursday, 4 August 2016
Managed by Bill Gross

A Stellar Year for the Old Mutual Total Return Bond Fund

A Stellar Year for the Old Mutual Total Return Bond Fund

Just over a year ago, on July 6th 2015, Old Mutual Global Investors, part of Old Mutual Wealth, welcomed Bill Gross back as fund manager of the $330 million Old Mutual Total Return USD Bond Fund.

The fund seeks to maximise total return consistent with preservation of capital and prudent investment management. Ranking in the 1st quartile, the Fund has returned 7.61% against the benchmark’s return of 6.97%

Heading into the second year of managing this fund under Janus Capital Group, while facing a fairly stagnant economic environment and with the possibility of de-globalisation, Bill said: “Worry for now about the return ‘of’ your money, not the return ‘on’ it. Our Monopoly-based economy requires credit creation and if it
stays low, the future losers will grow in number. Until governments can spend money and replace the animal spirits lacking in the private sector, then the Monopoly board and meagre credit growth shrinks as a future deflationary weapon.”

When asked where he was looking for value in the bond market, he added: “Sovereign bond yields at record lows aren’t worth the risk and are therefore not top of my shopping list right now; it’s too risky. Low yields mean bonds are especially vulnerable because a small increase can bring a large decline in price.”

He also commented about his time as an investor, saying: “In an industry driven by facts and figures, stats and claims, here is another; I am heading very close to marking a half century of financial industry experience. Yes, much has changed in those near on five decades but for every challenge there has been an equal measure of opportunities. This portfolio can invest across global fixed income markets with the flexibility to utilise the high conviction views that me and the team have, in order to capitalise on those challenges and opportunities in a balanced way. Each day seems to bring fresh investment prospects, though all viewed with a cautionary caveat at this time.”

Warren Tonkinson, managing director, Old Mutual Global Investors comments: “We were thrilled that we were able to welcome back Bill as steward of this fund, and a year on the performance numbers speak for themselves. The past year has thrown up a number of economic curve balls which Bill and his team have been able to deal with, if not avoid, thanks to their vast experience of managing bonds throughout complex market conditions. Our thanks go to Bill for steering this fund positively through ‘choppy waters’. We look forward to working with Bill and the team for many years to come.”