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Business | 12:06 | 08/07/2019
Interview with Becky Nichols

Given the current valuations, investors in traditional asset classes face a challenging environment for medium-term returns and available profitability. In addition, the most likely scenario is that volatility and the periods of stress experienced by the market in 2018 will continue this year.

Business | 06:55 | 29/06/2019
Global presence

In the 10 years following the global financial crisis, the liquidity injections of major central banks have inflated traditional asset classes, particularly in the fixed income markets, thus decreasing the profitability of investors.

Business | 08:26 | 19/06/2019
Plans to open a Florida office

Dynasty Financial Partners announced that they have partnered with leading independent advisory firm Pivotal Planning Group.  Based on Long Island, NY and in Norfolk, Virginia, Pivotal Planning Group, manages $275 million in individual and 401(k) assets.

Business | 13:39 | 13/06/2019
Salud, esfera and escala

Legg Mason and Corporación Actinver announced the signing of a strategic alliance agreement that will allow Actinver to manage and make available to its clients in Mexico funds using investment advice provided by Legg Mason-affiliated asset managers.

Business | 09:20 | 13/06/2019
Third Edition

Funds Society is proud to present the third edition of its Asset Manager’s Guide NRI, a comprehensive list of asset management firms providing UCITS investment solutions to investment professionals in the wealth management non resident industry.

Business | 03:39 | 13/06/2019
Enclave Wealth Advisors

Enclave Wealth Advisors, the investment advisory team led by industry veterans Terry C. Murray, CFP® and Brian P. Westcoat, CFP®, CPFA, will join Sanctuary Wealth.

Business | 14:40 | 12/06/2019

Thornburg Investment Management, a global investment firm with $44 billion in assets under management as of the end of Q119, is pleased to announce that its Ireland-domiciled range of UCITS funds have been added to the Allfunds platform, the world’s largest institutional fund dis

Business | 07:20 | 06/06/2019
Investing in Hollywood

Black Tulip Asset Management, a Miami-based alternative asset management company exclusively focused on advising and structuring exchange-traded products (ETPs) for European capital markets, announces it is launching multiple ETPs with FlexFunds, a globally recognized service pro

Business | 04:19 | 28/05/2019
MFS Investment Management

The asset management industry is reaching maturity. It currently manages close to 100 trillion dollars in investable assets, with a much higher positioning in risk assets than what was necessary a few years ago in order to obtain similar returns.

Business | 15:45 | 15/05/2019
Partnership with Dynasty FP

Leading wealth advisors Steven Tenney, Joseph Powers, Helen Andreoli and Jack Piper announced that they have partnered with Dynasty Financial Partners to form an independent wealth management firm called Great Diamond Partners.  All four advisors