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Business | 09:08 | 08/11/2018
Investec Global Insights 2018

In Cape Town, where Investec Asset Management story began 27 years ago, the international asset management firm with South African origins hosted the 11th Investec Global Insights conference and brought together 220 delegates from eleven countries around the worl

Business | 07:01 | 04/10/2018
Madrid Knowledge Exchange

Last September 20th, Janus Henderson Investors celebrated their Madrid Knowledge Exchange event at the Villa Magna Hotel, bringing together 129 investment professionals from Spain, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Miami.

Business | 23:09 | 26/09/2018
And enrich client experience

Legacy processes for exchanging due diligence information are inefficient and expensive. They limit asset managers’ ability to thoroughly serve and engage dynamically with their clients.