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Business | 11:05 | 11/04/2019
Latam Equities

The social security reform proposed by Bolsonaro’s government and its chances of success have the whole region in suspense.

Business | 00:39 | 28/02/2019
Interview with José Castellano

2019 brings a world of opportunities to iM Global Partners, a multi-boutique platform with offices in Paris, London and Philadelphia. That is what José Castellano, Deputy CEO, and Head of International Business Development is tasked with.

Business | 23:30 | 20/02/2019
Natixis Investment Managers

Multi-asset funds failed to protect investors from the impact of volatile equity markets in 2018, according to the Natixis IM Global Portfolio Barometer.

Business | 23:12 | 20/02/2019
Opens offices in Uruguay

The Mirabaud Group, the banking and finance group founded in Geneva in 1819, has obtained the necessary authorisations from the Central Bank of Uruguay to open two Wealth Management subsidiaries.

Business | 23:01 | 20/02/2019
ITA International Insurer

Investors Trust welcomes ITA International Insurer, the most recent member of its group.

Business | 11:53 | 14/02/2019
Hasta 271.000 millones

En 2018 el patrimonio de las IICs en España se situó en 454.761 millones de euros, una 2% menos que en 2017. Además, el número de partícipes y de accionistas ha continuado incrementándose en el año y se situó a finales de 2018 en 13,9 millones, un 6,8% más que el año anterior.

Business | 13:14 | 11/02/2019
StratEdge Quant Investors

Global fixed income fund manager Alex Calvo has teamed with Marco Oreamuno to set up a wealth management firm through Bolton Global.

Business | 09:54 | 07/02/2019
On April 2019

Bloomberg has confirmed that Chinese RMB-denominated government and policy bank securities will be added to the Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index starting April 2019 and phased in over a 20 month period.

Business | 07:50 | 07/02/2019
Democratizing Real Estate

Incorporating real estate assets as part of investment diversification is essential, which is why investors are increasingly analyzing alternatives that are not correlated with markets for stocks and bonds.

Business | 06:05 | 31/01/2019
With Silvia García-Castaño

Although she recognizes that MiFID II will promote the discretionary management of portfolios, Silvia García-Castaño, CIO and Head of Discretionary Portfolio Management at BNP Paribas Wealth Management Spain lets us know in this interview the importance of this s