Last updated: 15:33 / Wednesday, 26 February 2020
In Miami

Unicorn Strategic Partners Hires Alesandro Angone

  • Alesandro Agnone joined Unicorn Strategic Partners' sales team in Miami last Monday
  • By the end of 2020 they would like to hire a person in Houston and one in New York
  • Agnone has more than 15 years of experience

Alesandro Agnore has joined Unicorn Strategic Partners' sales team in Miami.

As Funds Society found out, Agnone joined the team last Monday and has more than 15 years of experience in companies such as Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo and Jefferies.

David Ayastuy, Managing Partner and Founder of Unicorn SP said: “Our goal is to continue investing in talent and to grow as much as the industry allows. We have strategies from the two managers that we represent for US offshore (BNY Mellon and Vontobel) that perfectly complement the different needs of customers and market situations. If the results continue to accompany us, the idea is to continue growing the team, and by the end of 2020 have a person based in Houston that covers Texas and West Coast, as well as an Internal Wholesaler in New York, where Mike Kearns, Head of US Offshore, is based.”

Unicorn SP currently has a team of 10 people, 6 of them based in the United States (in New York and Miami), and the rest in Latin America. In addition to BNY Mellon and Vontobel, the firm also represents Muzinich and as of a month ago, French boutique La Financiere de L’Echiquier.