Last updated: 14:07 / Monday, 21 September 2015
Luis Martin

Sareb Senior Executive Joins DebtX in Europe

Sareb Senior Executive Joins DebtX in Europe

DebtX, the largest marketplace for loans, has announced that Luis Martin, a Spanish banking executive with more than 25 years of financial services experience, has joined DebtX as a Senior Advisor in Europe.  

Martin, a recognized leader in the Spanish banking and real estate community, will work with institutions to reposition their balance sheet and reduce non-performing loans. Most recently, Martin was a Member of the Board and the Head of Transactions at SAREB, Spain's national bad bank. In that role, he had direct responsibility for over $30 billion of loan sales and executed most of the largest loan sales in Spain over the past two years.

"Luis Martin is a highly respected banking and real estate executive who brings extensive knowledge of the Spanish market, its key players, and the loan sale process,"said DebtX Managing Director Gifford West, head of DebtX's international operations. "Luis deepens the DebtX team and expands its ability to serve financial institutions throughout Europe, where DebtX has been valuing and executing loan sales for the past eleven years."

Previous to joining Sareb, Martin was Chairman and CEO of BNP Paribas's real estate consulting firm in Spain. In this role, he had direct responsibilities on the servicing and property management of more than 7,000 residential units and 500,000 square meters of commercial properties. He participated in many real estate investment transactions exceeding more than €500 million and asset management responsibilities over more than €400 million through BNPP Real Estate Investment Management.

"As we enter the next phase of bank restructuring, Spanish banks will examine all of their non-performing and non-core positions with the goal of maximizing proceeds," Martin said. "DebtX is best positioned to establish an efficient market for these loans and create liquidity and transparency for Spanish banks. Once these banks have removed these assets from their balance sheets, they will be positioned to originate more loans and drive the Spanish economy."

DebtX is the largest secondary commercial and residential loan trading platform in Europe and the United States. DebtX works with banks and governments to create liquid markets for commercial and residential loans. Buyers of loans sold at DebtX include institutional investors around the world.

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