Last updated: 07:46 / Wednesday, 31 July 2013
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María Jesús Hume Hurtado, New CEO of MBA Lazard In Peru

María Jesús Hume Hurtado, New CEO of MBA Lazard In Peru

MBA Lazard, a leading Latin American investment bank,  announced that María Jesús Hume Hurtado has been appointed CEO of MBA Lazard in Peru, effective immediately.

Alejandro F. Reynal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MBA Lazard Holdings said that "María Jesús (Mayu) will bring major benefits to our clients in Peru and across the region. Her wealth of corporate expertise and knowledge of international business will offer our clients in Peru a unique approach and will complement the strong team that we have built in the region."

Ms. Hume said: "I have great respect for MBA Lazard and I am drawn to its talented professionals, strong presence in Latin America and its ethos of independence. We are in the midst of a pivotal moment in the Peruvian economy. It is an attractive country in which to invest and conduct business, and I believe that MBA Lazard is in a unique position to support our clients in making the most of opportunities and confronting the challenges facing the global economy head on."

Mayu Hume has more than 30 years' experience in leadership roles within the public and governmental sectors and is currently serving on various boards of directors at top-ranking firms and non-profit organizations. Ms. Hume is Chairwoman of the Board of Directors at AFP Integra, one of the main pension fund administrators in Peru. Previously, she was the Managing Director and Business Manager at the ING Group in Peru and Colombia, and for 2 years, was the Deputy-Minister for Trade at the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Trade. Ms. Hume studied industrial engineering and economics at the Pontifical Catholic University in Peru.

Since the opening of its Lima office in 2008, MBA Lazard has enjoyed strong growth and a high degree of success for its clients. The past 12 months have seen MBA Lazard participating in the main local and cross-border mergers and acquisitions involving Peruvian-based firms. This includes providing advice to: Alicorp in the acquisition of Industrias Teal; Grupo Breca in the sale of Soldex to Colfax Corporation; Banco de Crédito del Perú in the acquisition of Correval Sociedad Comisionista de Bolsa in Colombia, and San Martín Contratistas Generales in its sale to Empresas ICA, to name but a few.

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