Last updated: 07:04 / Thursday, 4 June 2020
Frank Dixmier becomes CIO Global Fixed Income

Malie Conway, New Head of US Distribution at Allianz GI

  • AllianzGI created an integrated, global set-up for fixed income
  • Effective June 1st
  • "The new structure reflects the fixed income products and services that investors are focused on and AllianzGI’s strategic strengths"

Malie Conway, formerly CIO Global Fixed Income strategies, will become Head of US Distribution at AllianzGI. In her new role, Malie will relocate to New York, reporting to Tobias Pross, CEO of Allianz Global Investors.

"As well as being an outstanding investor, Malie has strong business and entrepreneurial credentials, having been instrumental in the build out of Rogge Global Partners for 18 years before joining AllianzGI. She is looking forward to moving back to the US and to working with the Distribution Channel heads to continue the growth of our business in the US and Latin America." The company told Funds Society.

The change, comes after AllianzGI created an integrated, global set-up for fixed income. Having broadened and deepened its fixed income capabilities significantly over many years, AllianzGI has now taken the natural next step in the evolution of its fixed income offering by bringing its capabilities into an integrated, global structure. The new structure, effective June 1st, reflects the fixed income products and services that investors are focused on and AllianzGI’s strategic strengths.
With the launch of this globally integrated platform, AllianzGI’s global fixed income capabilities, responsible for EUR 193 billion of Assets under Management, will be grouped into five pillars of expertise: Core Fixed Income; Credit; Asian & Emerging Markets; Insurance & LDI; Advanced Fixed Income. "Each area will be led by highly-skilled and seasoned investment professionals from our existing capabilities, with the structure maximizing team-based and portfolio manager continuity while strengthening collaboration and implementation of our best ideas and practices", the company said in a statement. Franck Dixmier, who has led their global fixed income business for the last five years, assumed a more involved role in the oversight of investment processes, becoming CIO Fixed Income.
According to the company, the simplified structure provides maximum continuity in terms of teams and investment processes, at the same time as unlocking the full potential of AllianzGI’s deep pool of fixed income talent. "The changes will see AllianzGI bring together over 25 individuals into a credit research powerhouse, including resource focused on advancing our pioneering ESG and sustainability capabilities even further onto our Fixed Income platform." They mention.
Franck Dixmier, CIO Fixed Income, said:
“Fixed income markets are increasingly driven by a global opportunity set and clients recognize that a global mindset and global skillset, that AllianzGI is uniquely well placed to offer, can add significant value in any fixed income asset class and strategy, regardless of its geographical identity.
“This globally integrated setup is a natural progression for our teams that have already been working alongside each other as we have steadily built out our Fixed Income capabilities. By introducing a simplified, common framework and harmonized governance structure, we will be able to make best use of our considerable active investment talent to drive performance for clients as we continue to evolve our offering.”