Last updated: 00:09 / Monday, 11 January 2016
Stays as COO

Gary Buxton Takes on CFO Role at Source

Gary Buxton Takes on CFO Role at Source
  • Buxton was Source's first employee
  • Lee Kranefuss is pleased to appoint from within
  • Buxton will continue overseeing new product execution, trading, risk management and operations

Source, one of the largest providers of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) in Europe, announced on Wednesday the appointment of Gary Buxton as the firm’s Chief Financial Officer. "Buxton has been an integral part of Source since the company was founded and will continue in his role as Chief Operating Officer as well as a member of the firm’s management committee," a press release mentioned.

Lee Kranefuss, Source Chairman, said of the appointment: “In undertaking the search for a CFO, we wanted someone who could combine financial and tax expertise with the ability to think strategically and understand not only the specifics of the ETF industry but also the unique aspects of Source. Fortunately for us, we had the ideal candidate already here. Gary comes from an accountancy background and, since joining Source, has been heavily involved with almost every function within the business. In fact, Gary was the very first person employed by Source. When a company is going through a growth phase, as Source is now, it helps to have a certain amount of continuity, which Gary brings. The qualities he brings to the role of CFO also illustrate the depth of expertise we have available to us at the firm.”

Buxton will continue with his responsibilities in the Investment Management Group and Capital Markets. These include overseeing new product execution, trading, risk management and operations.

Buxton began his career at the accountancy firm Deloitte & Touche. He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Bristol and is a chartered accountant.