Last updated: 23:18 / Saturday, 11 May 2013
In Miami

Gabriel Politzer joins BigSur as Head of Asset Management and Chief Strategy Officer

Gabriel Politzer joins BigSur as Head of Asset Management and Chief Strategy Officer

Gabriel Politzer will be joining the BigSur Team in Miami as Head of Asset Management and Chief Strategy Officer. He has over 30 years of expertise at leading financial institutions, including JPMorgan, UBS and ING.  Politzer has extensive experience in trading and investing in several asset classes, and has also served as an advisor to several senior government officials, including ministers of finance and Central Bank governors.  He served as Chief Strategy Officer of Patagon, an equity brokerage and online banking firm in the U.S., Europe and Latin America, which was sold to Grupo Santander for $750mm in 2001, reported the firm to Funds Society.

Over the past five years, Big Sur main focus has been on building the best internal platform for their client families and creating a dynamic team which fully represents their values.  While they will continue to put forth effort on the improvement of their platform- they are ready to start focusing on growing their business. Gabriel will help with both the improvement of the platform and growing of BigSur's business. He will help enhance the risk control and efficiency of their investment process, further strengthening their investment platform. Gabriel will be a key player in BigSur's Strategic Plan for growth, focusing on implementing strategy as well as creating initiatives which would bring extra capacity (allow for scalability) or bring new/incremental sources of revenue. 

BigSur is enriching the intellectual capital of their platform and team by bringing someone of Gabriel’s profile and experience. As they aim to be a leading global multi family office, they believe in hiring talented and dedicated professionals such as Gabriel to help build a better BigSur.