Last updated: 08:18 / Thursday, 7 February 2019
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Castillo, Pacheco Romero, Martin Cazenave and Pitre Méndez Join Credit Suisse IWM's LatAm Team

Castillo, Pacheco Romero, Martin Cazenave and Pitre Méndez Join Credit Suisse IWM's LatAm Team

Credit Suisse IWM (International Wealth Management) is strengthening its LatAm operations. So far this year they have made five appointments that will be focused on the region.

According to a memo seen by Funds Society, which was written by Credit Suisse IWM's LatAm Head, Jorge Fernández Amann: “The Latin American region is of key importance to IWM's growth strategy. The future of IWM LatAm lies in the growth potential of our franchise across all our markets: Mexico, Cono Sur, Comunidad Andina, and LatAm-based External Asset Managers. Our clients look to us for our unique strength that combines best-in-class wealth management services, institutional capabilities, as well as UHNWI-specific solutions. This differentiation has driven growth in the region and is also attracting new talent. To grow our regional capabilities further we need to not only develop our internal talent pool but also attract external talent and I am excited to announce a number of appointments in IWM LatAm."

In his opinion, in order to deliver best-in-class solutions to their clients, a robust Advisory & Sales organization is key, so they have hired, former JPMorgan Ricardo Castillo as Head of Advisory & Sales and member of the IWM LatAm Management Committee, effective immediately. "He will also lead the Investment Consulting team for ConoSur. Ricardo has a proven track record of more than 15 years in various investment roles: Investment advisory and sales, asset allocation across asset classes and tactical and/or thematic trading and hedging solutions. More recently he was Global Investment Specialist covering UHNWI, notably for Chile and Argentina. With Ricardo's experience in international financial markets, I am confident that he will take our A&S offering to the next level. Ricardo will be located in Geneva." Said the memo.

Also for the Geneva office, looking to serve both Cono Sur and Comunidad Andina clients, coordinated by Daniel Clavijo, are three more hires that report to Wenceslao Browne:

Marco Pacheco Romero joins as Senior Relationship Manager for ConoSur. He specifically covers Argentina, Chile and Peru and has a combined 20 years of experience in Private Banking, Lending, and Hedge funds. He also led credit teams in the past and will have an additional role to focus on growing our UHNWI-focused strategy as Head of Lending, where he will be part of our Management Committee.

Andrés Martin Cazenave joins as Senior Relationship Manager for ConoSur focusing on Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Colombia. Andrés has more than 25 years of wealth management and investment expertise across several institutions in Switzerland, the US, and Argentina. More recently he covered markets mainly from Cono Sur (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay) after being in charge of developing Comunidad Andina markets in the past (Colombia, Ecuador, Central America).

Rodrigo Pitre Méndez joins as Senior Relationship Manager for Cono Sur. Rodrigo has 20 years of private banking experience in Argentina, Bahamas, Uruguay, the US, and more recently Switzerland, where he has lived since 2013. In 2013 he moved from Miami, where he had spent 4 years developing an Argentine book to join another institution in Geneva. Since 2013 he has been in charge of developing a book for Cono Sur.

In January, the company hired Maria Vega Ibañez De La Cruz as Zurich-based deputy head of client management for ConoSur.