Last updated: 17:34 / Thursday, 6 June 2013
Appointed from HSBC

Carolina Montiel to Head the New Investment Strategy Department at EFG in Miami

Carolina Montiel to Head the New Investment Strategy Department at EFG in Miami

EFG Capital International has appointed Carolina Montiel to create and direct the company’s new department of Investment Strategy in Miami. Montiel’s role includes investment advice and delivery of investment products, amongst other responsibilities, she told Funds Society.

Montiel, a professional from HSBC with over 20 years of experience, worked at the private banking Investment Department of the entity, up until a few weeks ago. In this role she built up the Miami platform, including the execution desk and the investment advice desk for UHNW clients.

At HSBC, where she worked for ten years, she gave support, alongside other professionals, to a total of 70 banks with clients primarily in Latin America and with more than $20 billion in assets under management.

Montiel started her career at JP Morgan Chase in Caracas, where she worked for eleven years before moving to Miami. At JP Morgan Chase Bank Venezuela and JP Morgan Chase Valores, she acted as President and Head of Treasury, a time during which she acquired her experience in emerging markets, specifically with foreign exchange and derivatives trading, amongst other areas.

Montiel has a degree in Urban Planning from Simón Bolivar University and holds an MBA from IESA (Institute of SuperiorManagement Studies), in Caracas.

Arturo Neto also joins from HSBC

Accompanying Montiel during this new stage at EFG Capital International is Arturo Neto, also from HSBC. He worked with Montiel a little under two years during her last period at HSBC, where he was Senior Investment Advisor, offering services to 11 private bankers with clients in Latin America and Europe and assets over $1.6 billion.

Neto joins the project to implement the Advisory Services initiative in EFG. He has more than 20 years of broad experience in investments and finance, thanks to several positions he occupied in the industry, such as Analyst, Financial Consultant, Investment Portfolio Manager, University Lecturer and CIO of a Latin American multi-family office.

Neto formerly worked at Merrill Lynch, Dimension Capital Management and Accenture. He has a Masters in Finance from Florida International University, an MBA from Darden Graduate School at University of Virginia, and CFA certification.