Last updated: 09:53 / Thursday, 29 January 2015
Based in Mexico City

Beamonte Investments to Acquire Venture Academy

Beamonte Investments to Acquire Venture Academy

Beamonte Investments, along with is affiliate, Beamonte Mexico Holdings, announced it has invested in Venture Academy, an educational platform for training entrepreneurs how to raise money through a four day intensive boot camp designed to provide attendees with the information, guidance, and advice to run their businesses. After the closing, Venture Academy will be a wholly owned by Beamonte.

Based in Mexico City and with offices in Boston, MA Venture Academy was born from the idea that with the right information and guidance, any start-up can be successful. The path from business idea to business maturity can be long and difficult, with many uncertainties along the way. Most start-ups know where they want to go, but do not know hot to get there. They have a vision, but lack funding. When money from friends and family is not enough, outside capital is needed.

Venture Capital firms see hundreds, if not thousands, of slide decks per year. Of these, only about 10% ever get a first meeting. A meeting with an institutional investor could be the make-or-break moment for any start-up. Knowing how to approach investors is critical to getting the capital entrepreneurs need to grow their businesses.

"We notice a huge gap between entrepreneurs and private investment firms. We are the guys on the other side of the table, we know what wins and what loses; our goal is to build more bridges between entrepreneurs and investors," said Claudia Yan, Manager at Venture Academy.

Venture Academy will provide the knowledge and tools to ace this test.The boot camp consists of an intensive program divided in six modules, including management 101, valuations, term sheets, financing, immigration and more. Venture Academy plans to do multiple boot camps each year.

Beamonte has an outstanding track record on Venture Capital in the United States, recently investing in Arthena and Nanostatisfi. They are eager to replicate the same success in emerging markets such as Mexico and Colombia.

Luis F. Trevino, Senior Managing Director at Beamonte Investments commented, "There are talented and driven entrepreneurs with great ideas claiming there are no funds nor financial opportunities to develop their businesses. On the other hand, there are people like us, keen to find the next big project to invest, develop, and grow. The biggest obstacle to sealing a Venture Capital deal is a lack of sophistication during the negotiation process."

Beamonte Investments is a single family office located in Boston, Massachusetts. Beamonte has been a pioneer in direct venture capital and private equity investments, credit alternatives, and activist investment campaigns, as well as a pioneer in cross border transactions with Latin America. Since its inception, the firm has executed, as principal and agent, over $5 billion USD in transactions.