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A New Wine Fund Diversifies Into Rare Old Spirits

A New Wine Fund Diversifies Into Rare Old Spirits
  • The fund invests in world-class Bordeaux and Burgundy wines and rare collector's wines
  • "Our goal is to generate above-inflation returns through highly-informed purchases"

Oracle Capital Group, a global independent multi-family office and wealth consultancy, has launched the Oracle Paradis Wine Fund as a new alternative asset investment opportunity. In an additional benefit for investors, the Oracle Paradis Wine Fund has added a new share class to its classic wines - rare cognacs and whiskies. This allows for much wider diversification than other wine funds.

The fund invests in world-class Bordeaux and Burgundy wines and rare collector's wines such as early vintage port, 18th and 19th century Madeira and Imperial-era Tokaji. However, it is the inclusion of cognacs, primarily from the 18th and 19th centuries, and pre-1940 whiskies, that distinguishes the Oracle Paradis Wine Fund from its competitors.

In one notable recent purchase, the fund recently acquired bottles of Cognac Clos de Griffier 1789 from the cellars of the famous La Tour d'Argent restaurant in Paris.

According to David Nathan-Maister, Director of the fund and a former wine producer and expert on spirits, the opportunity the Oracle Paradis Wine Fund offers for investment in rare spirits, as well as fine wines, gives protection from flat markets and capital losses.

"Rare, old spirits are currently undervalued in comparison with fine wines, having largely missed out on the wine investment boom of the last 15 years. They are set for significant increases in market value over the next five to ten years.

"Our goal is to generate above-inflation returns through highly-informed purchases, access to first-buyer pricing from the very top chateaux and active trading of the rare spirits portion of the fund in particular. By actively trading, we aim to generate trading profits even in an overall environment where the wine market may be flat or even trending downwards."

The wines, which also include other classic French wine regions such as Rhone and Champagne as well as some world-class wines from Italy and Spain, are stored in London City Bond's Vinoteque and sold through public auctions and to wealthy individuals.

The Oracle Paradis Wine Fund is traded via Liv-ex, against which the fund's quarterly reports and valuations are benchmarked. Minimum investment in the fund is $100,000 and it is managed by an investment team made up of industry experts and financial specialists.

About the Oracle Paradis Wine Fund Investment Team

David Nathan-Maister is a vineyard and distillery owner, and has particular experience in trading fine wines in the BRICS market. He is a recognised expert in the field of spirits and highly-regarded internationally as an author and historian on the subject. Pierre Beuchet is the founder of the wine distribution business DIVA Group, specialising in fine wines world-wide. He has strong personal relationships with many leading Chateaux owners. Dave Hughes is an international wine and spirits judge and writer, with 50 years' experience in the trade. He has written or co-authored dozens of books on wines and spirits.


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