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The Pension Fund Brazil Forum will Gather the Key Players in Latin America’s Pension Fund Community

From 13-May-2015
| Convening completed
Sao Paulo
The Pension Fund Brazil Forum will Gather the Key Players in Latin America’s Pension Fund Community

The Pension Fund Brazil Forum, that will take place in Sao Paulo on the 13th of May organized by Markets Group, is a specialized gathering for Brazilian and international pension funds to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the key players in Latin America’s largest pension fund community.

The Forum was designed in collaboration with leading Brazilian pension fund decision makers to support the Brazilian pension funds who are confronted with falling local interest rates, the threat of inflation at home and rapidly increasing liabilities tied to an increasingly robust but aging middle class. It is an opportunity for Brazilian pension funds, asset managers and industry experts to work together toward solutions in Brazilian pension fund portfolio construction, Brazilian pension fund asset allocation and investment strategy, as well as to develop innovative strategies for liability and lifecycle modeling for Brazilian pension funds.

Closing Keynote speaker will be Henrique de Campos Meirelles, Former President of the Central Bank of Brazil, who will be preceded by Cecília Mendes Garcez Siqueira, PREVI;Maurício Marcellini, Funcef; Gabriel Amado de Moura, Fundação Itaubanco; Jorge Simino, Fundação Cesp; Antonio J. Carvalho, PREVI; Ana Nolte, Valia; Fábio Mazzeo, METRUS - Instituto de Seguridade Social; Carlos Kawall, Banco J Safra; Arlete Nese, Banesprev; Reinaldo Soares de Camargo, Funcef; Flavio Pacheco Moreira, Petros; Edner Castilho, Fundação Cesp; Nairam Félix de Barros, AGROS; Adilson Ferrarezi, HSBC Fundo de Pensão; Giuliano Lorenzoni, FAPES and Luiz Mário Farias, Towers Watson.

Key discussion topics include:

  • Best Practices in Asset-Liability Management: Developed and Emerging Market Pension Fund Perspectives
  • Investment Strategies for Long Term Asset Preservation and Growth
  • Fiduciary Excellence: Evolving Responsibilities in Global and Emerging Markets
  • Trends and Macroeconomic Prospects in Brazilian and Global Economies
  • Accessing Alternative Investments & the Future of International Asset Allocation
  • Pension System’s Lifecycle and Educational Programs for Contributors
  • Current Brazilian Pension Fund Regulation, New Legislation & Considerations in Fundraising & Capital Allocation

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