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The Morningstar European Institutional Conference Will Focus on Long-Term Investments

From 17-Mar-2016
| Convening completed
The Morningstar European Institutional Conference Will Focus on Long-Term Investments

The Morningstar Institutional Conference, to be held in Amsterdam on 17 and 18 March 2016, will explore key themes relevant to long-term investors and will provide a holistic view of the current investing environment through a diverse program of presentations from leading investors, academics and industry experts. The organization expects more than 200 investment professionals from across Europe to attend.

Headlining speakers include John C. Bogle, Founder and former Chief Executive of Vanguard and creator of the first index mutual fund. In a conversation with Morningstar’s Scott Cooley, transmitted live from Pennsylvania, Mr. Bogle will share his views on building effective portfolios for long-term investors and will challenge assumptions about active management. Attendees will also hear from James Montier, member of GMO’s asset allocation team, renowned author and expert on behavioral finance and value investing, who will explore the features of an independent-minded approach to investing and the challenges of implementing such a strategy in a multi-asset environment.

Haywood Kelly, Head of Global Research, of the organising firm will examine the landscape for sustainable investing and explain what the firm is doing to help individuals, advisors, and asset managers invest in ways that are meaningful to them. In addition, Thomas Idzorek, Head of Investment Methodology and Economic Research, Morningstar Investment Management group, will update and expand upon his ground- breaking research on the use of popularity as an investment tool.