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Innovation in LatAm

Optimizing Cash Management in a Fragmented and Restrictive Environment

From 07-Sep-2016
| Convening completed
 Optimizing Cash Management in a Fragmented and Restrictive Environment

Cash management has been a hot topic for financial institutions across LatAm due to the regulatory, political and infrastructure changes over the last few years. Thanks to the digitalization in the banking system, local and international banks see a lot of potential in expanding their banking services for retail and commercial clients in LatAm. Moreover, they are looking for strategies and innovative solutions to offer better cash management products and services to their customers.

With this in mind, marcus evans will gather specialists in Miami between September 7-9 in order to help banks overcome the challenges they experience when dealing with cash management, both locally and regionally. It will help them optimize their cash management strategies by providing them with a greater insight into examples that have worked well in different parts of the region. The disparity between international and domestic transactions will also be discussed, looking to achieve their integration into a single stream. There will also be a strong focus on AML and KYC policies and innovations in technology, to help banks move towards a fully secure digital era. Finally, we will explore strategies banks are implementing to reach unbanked regions in LatAm.

Attendants should expect to:
•    Discover how to take  advantage of new business opportunities that arise from regulatory changes
•    Gain insight into the successful implementation of technologies, such as mobile and tablet banking, within cash management services
•    Learn about the future of payments and collections
•    Enhance your cash management infrastructure
•    Discuss the regional standardization of payments

The speakers include Marco A. Almada of BBVA, Vitor Balao of Deutsche Bank, Liba Saiovici of Bank of America, Jorge Ruiz of Citibank, Alejandro Arauzo of Banorte, Claudia Macias García of Scotiabank, Luis M. Cifuentes of Banco Bradesco, Enrique Villarroel of Banco BICE, Felipe de Paula Pinto of Banco Itau, Adolfo E. Mora Vargas of BAC San José, Josie Forde of BNY Mellon, and Ruben Farias Sasia of Banco de Chile.

For more information follow this link or contact Deborah Sacal.