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Formerly Ibbotson Conference

Morningstar's Agenda for its Annual Institutional Conference Welcomes Richard H. Thaler

From 05-Mar-2015
| Convening completed
Phoenix, Arizona
Morningstar's Agenda for its Annual Institutional Conference Welcomes Richard H. Thaler

Morningstar has announced the agenda for the Morningstar Institutional Conference taking place March 5-6 at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference, formerly the Morningstar Ibbotson Conference, is Morningstar's premier event for institutional investors and wealth managers featuring thought leaders from academic institutions, the financial services industry, and Morningstar. Attendees will discuss current investment trends, the latest portfolio strategies, and perspectives on the U.S. and global economies.

Morningstar is pleased to welcome back Richard H. Thaler, the Ralph and Dorothy Keller Distinguished Service Professor of behavioral science and economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Thaler will discuss how investor behavior affects retirement plan design and how to apply behavioral principles to money management.

Additional speakers include:

  • Brad DeLong, professor of economics and chair of the political economy major at the University of California, Berkeley, will address investing for a 30-year horizon.
  • Roger Ibbotson, Ph.D., founder of Ibbotson Associates (which Morningstar acquired in 2006), professor of finance at Yale School of Management, and partner at Zebra Capital Management, will present new research that challenges long-held assumptions about the relationship between risk and return, and proposes a new paradigm for understanding investment performance—popularity.
  • Ben Inker, co-head of asset allocation, GMO, will explain his firm's framework for determining an optimal retirement strategy that relies on dynamic asset allocation.
  • Kevin L. Kliesen, business economist and research officer, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, will share his outlook for the U.S. economy.
  • Sallie Krawcheck, chair, Ellevate, and former president, Global Wealth and Investment Management division of Bank of America, will share research-based insights into how to meet the needs of women investors, who represent $11 trillion in investable assets but are still considered a "niche" market in the financial industry.

Thought leaders from across Morningstar will present new research during a series of breakout sessions on topics such as:

  •     Annuities, retirement, and defined contribution plans.
  •     Automated portfolio construction.
  •     Efficient income investing.
  •     Financial wellness.
  •     Minimizing downside risk while preserving returns.
  •     Modeling individual stock risk.
  •     The Morningstar Analyst Rating™ for funds in action.
  •     New approaches to capital market forecasting and asset allocation.
  •     Preserving wealth with behavioral science.
  •     The U.S. labor market and global economic outlook.

"This conference is our premier event for institutional investors that provides attendees with intimate access to prominent academics, industry leaders, and researchers from across Morningstar," Daniel Needham, president and CIO of Morningstar's Investment Management group, said. "The agenda touches on all the factors that contribute to the end investor's financial outcome with an emphasis on long-term, 'total wealth' investing. We're excited to present the latest research on such topics as behavioral economics, the drivers of market performance, dynamic asset allocation, and efficient income investing. We'll also explore the future of the defined contribution market and the outlook for the global economy.

"Attendees will hear from researchers and business leaders about how they harness investor behavior and employ the latest asset allocation and portfolio construction techniques to create outcomes-oriented solutions for investors. We believe this new paradigm will come to dominate the financial services industry."