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CFA Institute Conference: Fixed-Income Management 2015 Preparing for a Different and Divergent Environment

From 22-Oct-2015
| Convening completed
Boston, Massachusetts
CFA Institute Conference: Fixed-Income Management 2015 Preparing for a Different and Divergent Environment

What will be the impact of a divergence in monetary policies around the globe? What are the major risks facing the global economy and financial markets? What fixed-income strategies adapt well to a changing environment?

With fundamental questions lingering in today’s global debt markets, there is an increased need for savvy bond investors who have the skills and insights to thrive in a new cycle and deliver value to investors.

At Fixed-Income Management 2015 -organized by CFA Institute in Boston on October 22 and 23, leading practitioners will navigate through what’s happening in global bond markets, take a closer look at the long-term effects of a divergence in monetary policies and the path of growth in developed and emerging economies, and discover where leading investors are finding value. They will examine fixed-income strategies that provide diversification and adapt well to a changing environment.

Covering practical topics ranging from security analysis to sector allocation and risk management to portfolio construction, this year’s conference brings together researchers, analysts, portfolio managers, and top strategists to focus on

  • analysis of the long-term effects of the divergence in monetary policies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Japan and their impact on sovereign debt markets
  • the unintended consequences of regulation on bond market functioning and liquidity;
  • inflation and deflation cycles globally;
  • strategy and sector allocation and the role of fixed income in the total portfolio;
  • the outlook for interest rates, economic growth, currencies, asset classes, and sectors; 
  • credit investing strategies—where to find value and reduce market sensitivity; 
  • critical factors that will influence the medium- to long-term performance of fixed-income investments, including demographics, technology, and policy; and 
  • risk management and how investors can prepare for market recalibration.

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