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3rd Annual Innovation in Corporate Cash Management in LatAm

From 11-Sep-2017
| Convening completed
3rd Annual Innovation in Corporate Cash Management in LatAm

On September 11th-13th, 2017, industry experts will gather at the EPIC hotel, in downtown Miami, for the 3rd Annual Innovation in Corporate Cash Management in LatAm.

This GFMI conference will help banks to develop and enhance their cash management products to stay competitive in the changing market. The event will present case studies on how different banks enhance their digital offerings and utilize new technology for comapnies. There will also be a strong focus on compliance with financial crime requirements and how companies find a balance between customer satisfaction and compliance. Finally, strategies to facilitate cooperation among banks to enhance cross- country payments and FX transactions will be presented.

With different case studies, the participants will learn about the use of virtual accounts in cash management, the latest initiatives to simplify the client on-boarding process, how to guarantee secure cross-border payments through blockchain technology, how to improve financial inclusion for SMEs across LatAm, and the innovation in cash management through the API Banking Technology.

Attending the conference will enable people to:

  • Enhance corporate cash management infrastructure across the region
  • Gain insight into the successful implementation of new technologies in cash management
  • Learn about the latest cash management solutions
  • Discuss the growing competition from Fintech in corporate cash management
  • Discover how to tackle financial crime to guarantee safer cross-border payments

For more information contact Deborah Sacal or get the agenda in the following link