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Opinion | 14:19 | 22/05/2018
Column by Gabelli Funds

The U.S. equity market closed slightly higher for April as corporate earnings continued to post strong first-quarter gains but in aggregate have so far been unrewarded with higher prices.

Opinion | 23:24 | 02/05/2018
Column by Gabelli Funds

Volatility in global equity markets has continued to accelerate. Dueling trade tariffs between the U.S. and China have increased tensions between the two countries.

Opinion | 15:49 | 24/04/2018
Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group

Traditional asset classes have delivered robust returns over the last few years with exceptionally low volatilities. The outlook is less bright, however.

News | Mercados | 01:55 | 15/03/2018
Interview with Neil Kearns

In the midst of market volatility, companies have been increasing their stock repurchase programs, providing unprecedented support for investors.