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Markets | 07:25 | 20/07/2017
Janus Henderson Investors

During the “Janus Henderson Knowledge Exchange”, the first Janus Henderson Investors event after completing its merger process, Glen Finegan, Head of the Emerging Markets Equity team, reminded attendees that a ma

Markets | 01:28 | 13/07/2017
According to Legg Mason

Bridges, roads, water systems…these are but a few examples of the infrastructure essential to keep the global economy moving forward. Infrastructure itself demands ongoing investment.

Markets | 00:56 | 13/07/2017
Build on Insight, by BlackRock

It’s been over a year since Russ Koesterich, Portofolio Manager of BlackRock's BGF Global Allocation Fund joined the Global Allocation team.

Markets | 13:39 | 12/07/2017
MFS Investments

The extent of the current geopolitical situation worries investors who focus their discussion between continuing to bet on risky assets or moving toward “haven” assets. Where should investors put their money?

Markets | 13:06 | 12/07/2017
H2O MultiAggregate

Almost two years ago, after a long career in the asset management industry, Pascal Dubreuil joined the global fixed income and currency team, as Portfolio Manager, at H2O Asset Management, an affiliate of Natixis Global Asset Management, which sp

Markets | 21:00 | 05/07/2017
Boston Event

How much does active management contribute as compared to passive management?

Markets | 10:21 | 29/06/2017
M&G Investments

In today's environment, multi-asset strategies remain an indispensable tool for gaining flexibility and diversification. But what elements make it possible to differentiate a multi-asset strategy from its competitors?

Markets | 09:34 | 29/06/2017
Income Builder Fund

How can an attractive dividend yield be achieved without giving up future growth and capital appreciation? Thornburg Investment Management looks for global stocks with a solid history of dividend payments and the capacity to increase their dividends over time.

Markets | 23:34 | 21/06/2017
MSCI Market Classification

MSCI Argentina Index will not be reclassified to Emerging Markets status, at least until 2018, as investors expressed concerns that the recently implemented market accessibility improvements, including the removal of capital controls and FX restrictions, needed to remain in place

Markets | 10:17 | 13/06/2017
Interview with Funds Society

Some years ago, we could not have imagined a world as dominated by politics as it is today. For investors, this has become a challenge, although not devoid of opportunities, according to Jean Médecin, an advising member of the Investment Committee of Carmignac.