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Markets | 14:47 | 13/09/2017
Experts have their say

At the end of July, the UK government announced plans to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2040, being the fifth country, with Holland, Norway, India and France, to end the sale of cars with traditional internal combustion engines.

Markets | 08:05 | 24/08/2017
BlackRock Investment Institute

In an environment where volatility levels are at a minimum, partly because of the widespread measures of QE by central banks and the low volatility of macroeconomic variables such as GDP, and the employment and inflation rates, the Black Rock Investment Institute is committed to

Markets | 19:14 | 16/08/2017
BlackRock Investment Institute

The global economy is moving towards more sustained economic expansion, and is still far from an inflationary environment.

Markets | 09:45 | 03/08/2017
Interview with Capital Group

To avoid companies that are overvalued in a stock market such as the US, which since February 2009 has revalued 280%: is the goal of Grant Cambridge, fund manager at Capital Group, which explains in this interview with Funds Society its management keys.

Markets | 09:40 | 03/08/2017
Pension Reform

The pension reform in Chile is at the height of the consultation stage. The project will bring several new features to the pension system, including a 5% increase in contributions.

Markets | 09:31 | 03/08/2017
Interview with Kenneth Akintew

The global economic context reinforces the argument for the Indian bond market. India’s transformation is mainly an internal growth story, in contrast with that of China, for example. India’s economy has a low correlation with international markets, and this extends to Asia.

Markets | 09:03 | 27/07/2017
Natixis Global AM

At Mirova, the socially responsible investment arm of Natixis Global Asset Management, they firmly believe that the financial industry, and especially the investment industry, plays a significant role in solving the problems arising from the unsustainability of t

Markets | 07:25 | 20/07/2017
Janus Henderson Investors

During the “Janus Henderson Knowledge Exchange”, the first Janus Henderson Investors event after completing its merger process, Glen Finegan, Head of the Emerging Markets Equity team, reminded attendees that a ma

Markets | 01:28 | 13/07/2017
According to Legg Mason

Bridges, roads, water systems…these are but a few examples of the infrastructure essential to keep the global economy moving forward. Infrastructure itself demands ongoing investment.

Markets | 00:56 | 13/07/2017
Build on Insight, by BlackRock

It’s been over a year since Russ Koesterich, Portofolio Manager of BlackRock's BGF Global Allocation Fund joined the Global Allocation team.