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Markets | 06:22 | 16/08/2018
BlackRock Investment Institute

Against a backdrop of rising trade tensions, BlackRock Investment Institute’s 2018 Midyear Investment Outlook remains pro-risk, but it has partially tempered that stance given the uneasy equilibrium that BlackRock perceives between rising macro uncertainty and strong earnings.

Markets | 01:01 | 05/07/2018
Analysis from AM companies

During the first quarter of the year, convertible bonds were one of the most attractive assets, especially after seeing the first signs of the return of volatility to the market. In this second quarter of the year, this type of asset has continued to please investors.

Markets | 12:29 | 28/06/2018
According to Investec

As we approach the middle of the year, with sluggish stockmarket returns so far in 2018, Investec believes that it makes sense to assess where we are with regard to the investment case for European equities.

Markets | 19:19 | 12/06/2018
MSIM Growth Team

This year, Morgan Stanley Investment Management is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Growth Team.

Markets | 10:34 | 06/06/2018
For 5 or 6 years

For more than ten years, Sandra Crowl has been both Member of the Investment Committee and a Portfolio Advisor at Carmignac Gestion, the European leading asset management firm that was founded in 1989 by Édouard Carmignac and Eric Helderlé.

Markets | 07:44 | 30/05/2018
Emerging Market Debt

TIAA Investments’ Emerging Market Debt strategy, which has a track record of more than ten years, launched in October 2015 an UCITS fund with an Irish domicile.