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Markets | 16:17 | 06/12/2017
Three thematic strategies

The new disruptive technologies are experiencing exponential growth and should be measured in terms of the power of transformation of their technology.

Markets | 13:33 | 06/12/2017
MFS Investment Management

In an environment in which interest rates are historically low after eight years of expansive monetary policies, Robert Spector, who along with

Markets | 08:27 | 06/12/2017
IX Western Asset Debates

During the ninth edition of the Annual Forum of Local and International Specialists for the Discussion of Economic Challenges in Brazil, which was held at the Unique Hotel in Sao Paulo on the 1st of December, Western Asset, a subsidiary of Legg

Markets | 08:13 | 06/12/2017
Lord Abbett & Old Mutual GI

In Miami, Martin Hofstadter, Offshore Business Director at Lord Abbett and Andrés Munho, Sales Manager for Latin America, Florida and Texas at Old Mutual Global Investors, welcomed US Offshore industry professionals to a lively p

Markets | 00:36 | 30/11/2017
According to BlackRock

As liquidity is slowly drawn from the global economy, the recent wall of money beta- driven rally is likely to morph into a market with higher dispersion, in which BlackRock thinks alpha opportunities may take a stronger role as a source of excess returns in 2018.

Markets | 08:02 | 21/11/2017
Investec Global Insights

Is it possible to find opportunities in a bond market that has remained bullish for 35 years?

Markets | 18:38 | 16/11/2017
London Event

Pilar Gomez-Bravo was recently appointed Director of European fixed-income for MFS Investment Management.

Markets | 16:08 | 08/11/2017
London Event

Investors are at a crossroad. To be able to obtain the same level of returns as in the past and achieve their investment goals, they must take on roughly three times more risk than that of two decades ago.

Markets | 19:18 | 01/11/2017
Boston Conference

During his presentation at the OMGI Global Markets Forum in Boston, and questioning conventional investment thinking, Ian Heslop, Head of Global Equities at Old Mutual Global Investors, explained the double difficulty of forecasting market behavi

Markets | 11:46 | 01/11/2017
Investec Global Insights 2017

At the 10th annual Investec Global Insights held in Washington, Investec Asset Management brought together over 130 professionals from the investment industry, mostly from the United States and Latin America, at