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Markets | 01:27 | 21/03/2017
Interview with Jupiter

Fixed income faces many challenges today, but Ariel Bezalel, manager of the Jupiter Dynamic Bond, explains how, by combining a top-down and bottom-up approach with flexible management, opportunities can be found.

Markets | 15:04 | 20/02/2017
Franklin Templeton Solutions

2016 leaves behind much economic uncertainty, regional political tensions, an oil price roller-coaster, and monetary policies which would have been unthinkable in the past. Hence, calmness and patience were key virtues for ending the year with positive returns.

And, heading into 2017?

Markets | 11:38 | 15/02/2017
Interview with Fiona English

Clearly, 2016 has been a transition year for European equities. A true roller-coaster with dizzying news and an unexpected end to market rebounds due to President Trump’s arrival to the White House as US President.

Markets | 23:08 | 07/02/2017
Schroders' event in London

Uncertainties in the United States about Trump's upcoming policies, developments in inflation, Fed rate hikes, and the strength of the dollar, as well as investors' continued negative sentiment toward emerging markets are all reasons why Schroders' managers are still cautious and hold defensive p

Markets | 22:32 | 07/02/2017
Interview with Western Asset

Michael Zelouf, Business Director for the EMEA region at Western Asset, Legg Mason's global fixed income subsidiary, believes one must separate the US debt market outlook from the one for the debt market in general.

Markets | 15:00 | 01/02/2017
Cerulli Associates

"Institutional investors have faced a variety of pressures during the past year that have made achieving their investment goals very challenging," states Chris Mason, senior analyst at Cerulli with regards to the January edition

Markets | 09:20 | 01/02/2017
In today's meeting

As Trump continues to carry out his campaign promises and prepares to launch his stimulus plan, the Fed meets in the midst of a complicated state of affairs.

Markets | 23:33 | 31/01/2017

The European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) published itin January is latest Investment Funds Industry Fact Sheet, which provides net sales of UCITS and non-UCITS for October 2016.  28 associations representing more than 99 percent of total UCITS and AIF assets provided with net sa

Markets | 20:48 | 31/01/2017
Clearbridge’s Vitrano

Secure growth companies could be forced out of the limelight by turnaround stories in US equity markets following a period of significant gains for online retailers and other internet stocks, according to Legg Mason affiliate ClearBridge Investments.

Markets | 23:55 | 30/01/2017
Latest visit to Mexico

In his latest visit to Mexico, Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman Templeton Emerging Markets Group, discussed President Trump, the dollar, Emerging Markets, and why he believes Mexico is a good investment.