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Markets | 15:04 | 19/01/2017
Data from www.fundinfo.com

Very disappointing results of active European equity fund managers in 2016 may have caused an acceleration of the shift into passive solutions, says www.fundinfo.com.

Markets | 16:22 | 18/01/2017
Natixis GAM affiliates

In closing a year of remarkable geopolitical events, there are still many unknowns that will only be revealed when the dust settles from the major elections and referendums across the globe.

Markets | 08:07 | 18/01/2017
Nicolas Walewski (Alken)

Everyone is aware that last year was a complicated one for the funds of Alken, Nicolas Walewski’s fund management company. His compliance and convictions for the cyclical sectors took their toll due to events such as Brexit, which penalized his funds.

Markets | 23:03 | 17/01/2017
Says Standard Life Investments

The surprise election of Donald Trump has the potential to significantly reshape the United States’ domestic policy landscape and the country’s relationship with the world.

Markets | 16:39 | 16/01/2017
Analysis by Amundi

Since Donald Trump won the presidency and the Republicans, a majority in Congress, the bond markets have priced in a steep rise in fiscal deficits.

Markets | 12:47 | 16/01/2017
Analysis by PIMCO

Ever since the Conservative government came to power in 2010, one of its key policy goals has been reducing the annual government deficit to achieve fiscal balance.

Markets | 10:07 | 13/01/2017
Templeton Global Macro

Throughout much of 2016, bond markets held onto stretched valuations in US Treasuries, largely ignoring the undercurrents of rising inflation and resilient strength in the US labor market.

Markets | 11:07 | 11/01/2017
Investment Outlook

In its recently published annual Investment Outlook, Credit Suisse’s investment experts suggest that financial markets are likely to remain challenging in 2017.

Markets | 10:23 | 11/01/2017
HSBC Global Research

HSBC Global Research asks if the ECB QE set to become an 'ex policy'. In its last European Economics Quarterly the firm explains that there’s more than a whiff of Monty Python’s famous parrot sketch in the ECB's current position.

Markets | 05:07 | 10/01/2017
Goldman Sachs

According to Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Donald J. Trump’s victory in the US election has fuelled three main concerns for Emerging Markets (EM): potential protectionist trade policies, rising rates and a strengthening US dollar.