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Business | 19:31 | 31/05/2018
Planning on expansion

Jean Raby, Chief Executive Officer of Natixis Investment Managers (Natixis IM) and a member of the senior management committee of Natixis, joined the firm sixteen months ago.

Business | 20:41 | 12/04/2018
Miami Event

During the last twenty years, four technological giants, have been able to generate an unprecedented source of wealth for their shareholders, creating products and services that have transformed society and which are deeply rooted in the daily life of billions of people.

Business | 11:07 | 12/04/2018
After their restructuring

Miguel Barbosa, Alfonso Barros, Juan Calderón , Ricardo Mendez, and Carlos Rodriguez-Aspirichaga have joined UBS Wealth Management’s international unit in a push to strengthen the firm’s business in Mexico.

Business | 11:10 | 05/04/2018
Event in Rio de Janeiro

Every time Bjorn Forfang, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at CFA Institute, travels, he always gets asked the question of what could be his specific advice on how capital markets and how finance industry in certain countries should behave.