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Business | 10:03 | 03/08/2017
With 125 million in AUM

Business | 12:13 | 12/07/2017
Janus Henderson Investors

The Henderson Global Growth strategy essentially seeks to analyze the underlying business of the companies in which it invests, with a strong focus on those companies that grow in the long term.

Business | 12:51 | 05/07/2017
“Out of the ordinary”

Investec Asset Management has many reasons to celebrate.

Business | 09:55 | 21/06/2017
Annual Event in Boston

The 2017 MFS Annual Global Analyst and Portfolio Manager Forum was held from the 15th to the 17th of May in Boston, where the international asset management company, MFS Investment Management, is headquartered.

Business | 09:22 | 02/06/2017
The summit's third edition

Opportunities in equities, from a quality perspective (advocated by Investec), focused on Europe (an attractive option for Carmignac) or with an alternative management perspective and using big data as support (BlackRock), were the focus of much

Business | 21:45 | 24/05/2017
Aimed at professionals

In a scenario marked by numerous macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges, in which it will be very difficult to obtain the same returns as in the past, five asset managers offer their ideas for achieving attractive returns.