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Business | 16:05 | 11/10/2017
Annual Event in London

MFS Investment Management held its 2017 European Investment Forum on September 28-29, in London, an event that focused on the culture and investment philosophy of the Boston-based international asset management firm and offered its perspective on

Business | 08:44 | 16/09/2017
For US Offshore, LatAm & Spain

The new platform Unicorn Strategic Partners, an entity formed by a team of recognized professionals in the Investment Fund Industry, arrives to the Distribution Market.

Business | 23:31 | 12/09/2017
New Regional Director

Ignacio Fuenzalida has just been appointed as AllianceBerstein’s Regional Director for Chile, Peru, and Colombia. His incorporation coincides with the opening of an office in Chile, which reinforces the firm’s presence in Latin America.

Business | 17:03 | 04/09/2017
Interview with Legg Mason

Legg Mason continues to prove its strong commitment to Latin America, and especially to Brazil, the country where the asset management company recently decided to launch two new feeder funds, which are investment vehicles that allow local investo

Business | 23:42 | 22/08/2017
50% cut in visas

Trump's support for the Senate's proposal to halve the number of 'Green Cards' issued annually as part of its campaign to reduce both legal and illegal immigration could greatly affect the offshore investment fund industry in which many foreigners work.

Business | 10:03 | 03/08/2017
With 125 million in AUM