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Alternatives | 03:36 | 11/07/2019
ASG Capital analysis

The Italian authorities are looking to launch the new mini-BOTs. What is this financial instrument? Why are European Central Bank (ECB) officials so upset by this monetary development?

Alternatives | 12:09 | 19/06/2019
Report by Nephila

A new report examines how public and private entities, including those in developing nations, are mitigating the financial impacts of extreme weather events and supporting climate change adaptation by transferring risk to private insurance and capital markets.

Alternatives | 08:35 | 19/06/2019
For diversification

The emergence of the Crypto asset class has been largely driven by the increasing awareness amongst investors that Crypto assets are indeed a credible alternative to fiat currencies, as they allow for more efficient payments at virtually no cost but also create significant operational cost saving

Alternatives | 12:41 | 06/05/2019
According to Resonance Group

If you're looking to live in a place with affordable housing, ample work opportunities and a reasonably pleasant environment, it's time to pack your bags and move to London.