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Alternatives | 14:08 | 10/12/2018
Two bills

Two US congressmen have introduced pieces of legislation designed to prevent the manipulation of cryptocurrency prices as well as ensuring the US becomes a leader in the crypto sphere.

Alternatives | 08:04 | 15/11/2018
December 1st

Abraham Everardo Vela Dib will be, as of December 1, 2018, the new President of Mexico's pension funds regulator, the CONSAR.

Vela Dib told Funds Society that leading this endeavour will be "a pleasure and distinction."

Alternatives | 09:04 | 30/10/2018
He could seek re-election

After Mexico's president-elect, López Obrador, announced that he plans to scrap the most important infrastructure project of the past two decades - the New Mexico City International Airport, the peso had one of its worst days since President Trump’s election and the stock market,