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Alternatives | 12:41 | 06/05/2019
According to Resonance Group

If you're looking to live in a place with affordable housing, ample work opportunities and a reasonably pleasant environment, it's time to pack your bags and move to London.

Alternatives | 09:33 | 21/03/2019
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BigSur Partners – a global investment and wealth management company headquartered in South Florida with more than $1B in assets under management and a provider of investment advising services throughout Latin America, the United States and globally – alongside NYU Stern School of

Alternatives | 10:12 | 07/03/2019
According to FlexFunds

According to FlexFunds, trade wars, a slowdown in global economic growth, longevity or disruptive technological advances are some of the factors of greatest uncertainty in the market, which might eventually give rise to volatility episodes, such as those occurred in 2018.

Alternatives | 19:11 | 06/03/2019
According to Indosuez WM

Florida has been identified as a US states that will be under threat from global warming. Future challenges come in the form of more intense hurricanes and tropical storms, sea-level rises and extreme heat.