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Alternatives | 09:18 | 15/03/2017
Buy & Watch Concept

Choosing the correct fixed income product in a rate-hike environment is an arduous task.

Alternatives | 00:55 | 15/03/2017
Fills its ‘First 100’ group

Door has launched its first digital platform to streamline the fund due diligence process between asset managers and fund investors.

Alternatives | 08:06 | 10/03/2017
Interview with Kenichi Amaki

Regarding the factors that make him optimistic about Japanese equities in 2017, Kenichi Amaki, Lead Manager of the Matthews Japan Fund, notes that over the years, the Japanese economy has faced many macroeconomic headwinds, but this year many of them have turned into tai

Alternatives | 22:42 | 13/02/2017
Opportunities for 2017

When it comes to identifying investment opportunities for next year, at Edmond de Rothschild AM they try to see the glass half full.

Alternatives | 08:49 | 02/02/2017
During the February

One hundred percent of the shares of a Luxembourg-based company known as Paraguay Agricultural Corporation S.A. (PAYCO) are being offered for sale. 

Alternatives | 00:17 | 01/02/2017
For Commercial Real Estate

After two years of serving a select group of leading real estate investment managers, Juniper Square announced the launch and general availability of its market-leading investment management software.

Alternatives | 21:59 | 25/01/2017
Analysis by UBS AM

The actions of central banks and the search for yield were once again dominant themes for investors during 2016. Says Barry Gill, Head of Active Equities at UBS AM.

Alternatives | 05:39 | 22/01/2017
2017 prospects

Research & Investment Strategy of AXA Investment Managers team publishes its prospects for next year focusing not only in 2017, but choosing a theme and medium-term approach to ex

Alternatives | 15:38 | 21/01/2017
Newly-created role

BNY Mellon, a global leader in investment management and investment services, announced that Jeff McCarthy has joined the company in the newly-created role of Chief Executive Officer, Exchange Traded Funds, and will report to Frank LaSalla, Chief

Alternatives | 22:04 | 19/01/2017
Lyxor AM´s monthly barometer

Markets closed 2016 on the right foot with the way cleared from the Italian wildcard. The post-Trump election rally extended to December, benefiting DM markets globally while EM markets lagged. The upbeat tone also echoed the global agreement to scale back oil production.