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Alternatives | 13:03 | 15/08/2018
To asset managers

Turkey is in the midst of an economic crisis. On August 10th their assets suffered greatly and their currency has fallen to historical lows after President Trump said last week he was doubling the amount of steel and aluminum tariffs on the country.

Alternatives | 09:37 | 19/07/2018
Next September

Bolton Global will open, next September, an office on Fifth Avenue to facilitate the transition of wealth management teams in the New York City area to the independent business model.

Alternatives | 16:44 | 11/07/2018
Interview with Quim Abril

Independent asset management in Spain is currently booming and most of these newly-focused funds are either set up as UCITS or structured as hedge funds.  At the recent ForoMed Cap in Madrid, an annual event that brings together European investors and small and medium cap companies that are prime

Alternatives | 04:02 | 28/06/2018
Exclusive Interview

After the announcement of the opening of their first office in Latin America in Chile, Funds Society had the occasion to discuss the details of Ardian’s strategy in the region during an exclusive interview with Vladimir Colas, Member of Ardian’s Executive Committee and Co-Head of Ardian U

Alternatives | 09:44 | 21/06/2018
Global Head of Infrastructure

Over the last two decades the ASI Infrastructure Platform has only ever invested in social and economic infrastructure projects.

Alternatives | 06:46 | 14/06/2018
Jennifer Johnson, COO

During her last visit to Mexico, Jennifer M.

Alternatives | 13:08 | 12/06/2018
DWS view

Funds Society had the occasion to, from Santiago de Chile, interview Sean Taylor, Chief Investment Officer for Asia Pacific at DWS, and discuss with him his market view on the Asia Pacific region for 2018.

Alternatives | 01:19 | 31/05/2018
According to toptal

According to Vidur G.

Alternatives | 09:19 | 24/05/2018
Pioneer in Wall Street

Itaú Unibanco is celebrating 21 years of listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the largest exchange by trading volume.

Alternatives | 08:51 | 24/05/2018
Alternative investments

After the new Argentine legislation allows Argentine investors to operate financial instruments abroad, provided that they have a local agent as a link to the operation abroad.